Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Little World/Big World

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It's weird-  no matter how far from home I go, I still don't feel like I'm somewhere else. I know in my mind I'm in oz, I can prove it to myself on a map or just by looking outside the window, but I'm still me and this is my present consciousness. So, even though things are different, part of me feels the same.

I can take ballet or yoga anywhere in the world, and while some things are different, the classes are fundamentally the same. People who speak in different languages than me or with different accents, people who've never set foot in America or heard of the state I live in-we're all unified when we come together to take a class. It doesn't feel any different than getting a new teacher at home would. I think I should revel in these constants as I start to feel as disconnected as I do right now.

I really do love exploring new places as a completely unnamed, "strange" person. Alone, unattatched to everything...it's cool. But, you can only go to the beach alone so many times before you just get plain lonely. Since I'm not attending uni or anything over here, I'm kind of in an odd spot for meeting people my age.  Someone fly over and be my companion. We can take on the world.

"Dahlin'" has quickly become my favorite aussie slang (it's just darling, but the way they pronounce it is very endearing). This post is becoming a a list of random thoughts, hope that's alright :p

It's so interesting communicating with my mom in a different way than I am used to. It almost feels like we're getting closer, because in reading and writing emails, I think we both say things we tended to keep to ourselves when we were living under the same roof.

I am feeling very small in our world at the moment--I don't really see that as a good or a bad thing. It just feels kind of funny, like I'm in limbo. It seems the "I moved to the other side of the world" existential crisis (as well as the jet lag) has come on a bit late, and it took me by surprise.

Still striving to be grateful every day though.

Love from this little heart on a tuesday evening,
xx Kim


  1. This is such a lovely post!
    You have an amazing blog!
    Keep in touch doll! <3

    1. Thank you, you're so sweet! I really enjoy your blog too :) x