Friday, 28 March 2014

Week 1 of Aussie Life

Phewwwwww! We have a lot to catch up on! Today I will have been in aussie for a week, and it seems like so much longer! The day I arrived, we explored a bit of the areas up and down the coastline, and I took this picture from a lookout. (I realize the picture doesn't really fit on this blog layout but I can't be bothered to figure out how to fix it and I also believe the pictures deserve to be full sized!)

Bonus points if you noticed the Aussie flag!

Most of the week was spent sleeping, settling in, picking up the kiddos from school, and other necessary tasks. On wednesday I started to feel really run down, because I felt like I hadn't had a single second to just sit and think to myself! When so much is going on around you, and you're trying to take everything in, it gets really overwhelming. Yesterday (friday) I had pretty much all day to myself and I feel wayy way better for it. 

Origami time with the little man <3
FINALLY did some shopping! If you didn't know, there's a Target here in Australia- it's got completely different brands and everything from American Target, but it's pretty comparable in how good it is (I'm a Target enthusiast). The mall I went to had some great clothing stores, it seems like the fashion here is pretty awesome, in my opinion! 
My kinda sign!
I also went to Lush and maybe sort of, kind of, went a little bit crazy. Who can blame me when everything is so amazing?! I plan on reviewing some of the things I got on here once I've used them for a while.

Yesterday I also went for my first run in aus to a ridiculously beautiful park with a lake. Let me tell you, the US needs to take notes on Australian parks and playgrounds! The park I went to today was not only beautiful, but it also had playground-style (think presidential fitness tests in elementary school) exercise equipment every 80 feet or so down the pathway.  It was so fun just walking down and trying all of them out! Talk about promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle! 

I think it's cool that Aussie trees are different than American trees. I'm thrilling, I know.

Check out dat sky tho

That's a lot of pictures, but so much has happened! For now I'll leave this.
So far, Australia has proved to be an incredible place, but who really doubted that? It is really interesting seeing a completely different way of life, but it is also interesting to see similarities where I didn't expect to see them. If you get the chance to come here, do it. I'll say that about anywhere I go, because life really isn't meant to be lived in one place, but it's still valid!

Have an amazing weekend! Sending my love to everyone back home and all around the world
xx Kim

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