Friday, 21 March 2014

Thoughts From LAX

I hopped off the plane at LAX...and paid 11 bucks for a cold sandwich. Hah! Okay, I was really hungry, and it wasn't that bad, so I don't mind. I do wish that I could explore LA while I'm here, but I'll just have to come back ;)

Leaving day was beyond hectic. On top of not wanting to wake up, there was final packing, the drive to the airport, the rush when you think you may be late-- all of those wonderful things. By the time I got on my flight, I was beyond frazzled and anxious for a reason I couldn't pinpoint. My mom cried at the airport, which for some reason I wasn't expecting and was not at all prepared for. I feel so bad leaving her alone at home, but I know that this will be a great adventure.

Kitty today, just before I left <3

Now, if you are like me and find yourself hanging on your last wire when you board a plane, or if you are just a nervous flyer (which I'm not) I do have some advice: meditate.
A lot of people say it's just too hard for them to meditate, but that's kind of a given. It's a practice. I use the  "Smiling Mind" app- a voice guides you through the entire thing and you advance to next levels as you get more comfortable, plus you can choose a session from just 5 minutes up to 45 minutes-anytime, anywhere! For example, On. That. Plane. As soon as my phone could be turned on again, I powered up and launched the app and meditated for 30 minutes. It's absolutely ridiculous how much better I felt afterwards. Now, 30 minutes is pretty long, even for someone who regularly meditates, and 5-10 minutes would definitely do you just as good.
Now for the long-haul flight. See you on the other side!
xx Kim

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  1. I love LA! Haha 11 bucks for a sandwich...sounds about right. :)