Friday, 10 October 2014

Short Hair Club

Recently, I cut 20 inches off of my hair and donated it to Children With Hair Loss, an organization that provides children with medical conditions that cause hair loss with hair pieces at absolutely not cost. (Note: the very popular foundation, "Locks of Love" charges children and their families varying fees based on financial need, which are sometimes outright ridiculous.)
 But enough of that!
I've had long hair pretty much ever since I surpassed the age of 5 and it grew long enough to be considered "long hair". Over the past year or two, however, I let it grow with absolutely no cuts or trims. It wasn't really a conscious decision, I just saw no reason to cut it as the ends were relatively healthy. 
Every once in a while the idea popped up in my mind to make the big chop, but I was always much too uncertain to actually go through with it.
I took this photo after I stayed up all night stuck in the Dallas airport due to thunderstorms- the day I was finally coming home after a very long journey from Australia and visiting a friend in California.

from my instagram
As you can see, it was EXTREMELY long! It may be hard to see without me being able to point it out to you, but there's a wave in my hair that goes about the same angle as my jaw just under it and when I noticed that in the photo I wanted to get it cut to that length so badly!
It took a couple more months and a ponytail accidentally shut in the dryer door (so glam), but I finally decided I wanted to cut my hair. I knew all along I wanted to donate it, so I was beyond excited!

I actually don't even think the before and after picture does the change justice! 20 inches is a LOT of hair, and I definitely felt the difference! I would say my hair is actually a bit shorter than it looks in the after picture, because it was still damp there and was weighed down a bit. It doesn't touch my shoulders!
I felt SO happy the entire day after my haircut (I still enjoy it now, it was just a strange euphoria right after I cut it!) 
They say if you're ready for some change in your life, a haircut can get the ball rolling. Well, I got the haircut part down, so COME AT ME LIFE! Hehe :)

That's all for now! You can find out more about Children With Hair Loss and how to donate by visiting their website here. Also just gonna slip in a cheeky little video I made explaining much of the same stuff I wrote out here:

 I'll write to ya soon, promise :) 
xxoxo Kim

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