Friday, 21 February 2014

Let's take it easy and celebrate the malleable reality;

Coincidentally, this is my very first post on this blog. Coincidentally, I'm going to write about coincidences. Coincidentally, the way I am writing this is very cliché. Coincidentally, I had to google 'cliche' because I don't know how to type an 'e' with an accent aigu yet. 

Okay, this is going to be the last one- coincidentally, the title of this post is a lyric from Jason Mraz's song, "Live High", which played on shuffle by total coincidence while I was dancing in my kitchen, making lunch, and thinking about all of the coincidences that have happened today (it is only 12:41pm!) Coincidentally, I am usually waking up around this time, but today I got up quite early, which I'm very proud of :) (that one is really the last one).

Today's coincidences include:
-I woke up just in time to see my mum (mom, mommy, mother, etc etc) off to work, which I rarely get to do.
-It stopped raining just in time for me to leave the gym after yoga/cardio.
-I saw a woman and her children who came into work earlier this week that happened to have made my day that day because of how nice and cheery they were while shopping in Target.
-The cute bank teller was working when I went to the bank (this is more of a sad coincidence, considering he's only ever there when I put zero effort into my appearance.)

Then, I thought I had run out of luck- while in the shower, my face wash container fell and split my toe up a bit. However, I had planned on shaving anyway and so spent more than enough time in the shower for the toe to be placed under running water and stop gushing blood by the time I got out (and it's not hurting me at all now.)

So, I've even been able to take the not-so-happy coincidences that have occurred today with stride, and I'm in an incredible mood for it.
Some days, I would read a post or article like this one, celebrating life's happy and sad coincidences, and think, "right, well good for you" but I'm hoping this positive momentum keeps up!

I'm pretty sure one of the major reasons I'm feeling so positive is that I started the day with yoga. I literally rolled out of bed, washed my face/brushed my teeth, and grabbed a banana to eat on the way there. No time for phone checking and unproductive hullabaloo as usual, which I'm thinking is a very good thing.
One of my favorite parts of today is that, coincidentally, I did not touch my laptop until I opened it to begin writing this post. I'm beginning more and more to finally start living out my belief that living life in the real world instead of the techno/internet world is way, way better.
Coincidentally, "Live High" encompasses all of that living stuff that I think quite well. (Listen here if you haven't heard it before!) // [Here is an alternate version that is my favorite]

Lastly, here's my current phone wallpaper, which ties in nicely. (What a coincidence!)

Aaaaaaaand that's the end of my first post on this blog. Coincidentally, I am moving to the other side of the world in a month, so I will have lots and lots of adventures to write about soon. I guess I'll do more of an "introductory/about me" blog post soon.
Until then, maybe do some yoga and celebrate the malleable reality, alright?
All the big hugs and love,
xx Kim

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